Blister Packaging Solutions

Blister Packaging Solutions

As the leading global manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical blister films and foils, Bilcare offers a full range of thermoforming films and cold form foil to better protect products. Whatever the application requirements, Bilcare has films that exceed expectations for both quality and product protection.

5 Reasons why global pharma companies choose Bilcare:

  • One-stop shop: All packaging components you need for a perfect blister!
  • Time & money savings: Our robust analysis of your product's sensitivity profile identifies optimal package for your product in just 6 weeks!
  • Easy to do business: Reputation for excellence in quality, flexibility and customer service!
  • Innovation: Leading provider of research-driven packaging solutions!
  • Global footprint: With state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities in Germany, USA, and Singapore, Bilcare has unrivaled track record of meeting your needs!
  • MediForm
  • BlisForm
  • BlisBa DX
  • BlisBa TX
  • AquaBa DX
  • AquaBa TX
  • Aclar DX
  • Aclar SW
  • Venus CF


Standard Product Range
  • Medi|Form®: PVC Mono & PET-G Films
  • Blis|Form®:PVC Mono A-PET & PET-G Films
  • Blis|Ba® DX:PVC / PVDC Films
  • Blis|Ba® TX:PVC / PE / PVDC Films
  • Aqua|Ba® DX:PVC / AquaBa® Films
  • Aqua|Ba® TX:PVC / PE / AquaBa® Films
  • Aclar® DX:PVC / Aclar® Films
  • Aclar® SW:PVC / Aclar® / PVC Films
  • Venus™ CF:Cold Form Foils

Aclar® is a registered trademark of Honeywell (
MediForm®, BlisForm®, BlisBa®, AquaBa® are registered trademarks of Bilcare Research



ECOmply® film, an eco-friendly blister packing film combining the demands of biodegradability* and product protection stability. ECOmply blends standard PVC film with a special additive that makes ECOmply biodegradable*. The result is PVC-level functionality without a PVC-level environmental footprint.

*Biodegradability has been tested as per ASTM D5511 (biodegradation under anaerobic condition for landfill) which shows 18.7% degradation in 45 days and also as per ASTM 5338 (Under aerobic condition for compost-ability) which shows 42.6% in 64 days. The extent of degradation under real-life conditions can vary from these results as those conditions can be different form the test conditions.

ECOmply® is a registered trademark of Bilcare Research Inc.

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